About Yudu

Yudu Salons: A Community of Style

Yudu Salons, The Community of Style, features Columbus’ top independent image professionals. Our community of salons is located in the beautiful Creekside Plaza in old town Gahanna, surrounded by fantastic views of Big Walnut Creek, ornate water fountains and the Creekside Plaza. At Yudu, you will find all the services you need to sharpen your image and style.

What’s With the Name?

Years prior to opening, the name Yudu originally came from a combination of our business concept and everyday personal interactions. People always ask, “What do you do for a living?” As salon service providers, we kindly reply “Hair, Laser, Nails, Skin Care, etc”. At Yudu Salons, our concept is to provide an upscale environment and resources for independent salon owners to operate their own business. Our motto is: We provide the tools, space and resources and you do what you do best. We noticed the common phrase, you do, between our business concept and this everyday interaction and that is how the name Yudu Salons was born.

However, the story didn’t end there. While developing logos for the salon, we wanted to be sure that the word Yudu didn’t mean something not fit for an upscale salon. To our surprise, during our research, the word Yudu has a Korean meaning “to wash one’s hair in flowing water”. Call it divine intervention or pure luck, whichever you choose, but this was our sign that Yudu Salons was the perfect name for our salon.

The Korean’s have many national and local festivals based on agricultural rituals and long held traditions. On the 15th day of the 6th lunar month, Korea celebrates their summer water greeting festival called the Yudu Festival. During this festival, their people go to a clean source of flowing water, like a creek, to bathe and wash their hair. This custom is believed to wash away bad luck, bad spirits and help to avoid suffering from the heat of the summer. Everyone enjoys a special noodle soup called Yudumeyon or Yudu Soup on this day. Superstition says Yudu Soup will prolong life and chase away the heat. It is said that, if the noodles are made into three marble shaped balls, dyed various colors and hung on household doors with strings, disasters will be prevented. Our Yudu logo or “Yudu Wave” honors these traditions with its marble like appearance and noodle like waves. At Yudu Salons, The Community of Style, not only will you get the finest in the beauty industry, you may take some good luck with you as well.

Interested in Owning Your Own Suite?

Yudu Salons suites offer an easier solution to owning your own business. With lower overhead than a traditional salon, as well as independent, lockable suite, you are fully in control of your own business. You manage your own client list, and we can help coordinate different services when needed to best meet the needs of our customers to keep them coming back for more.

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