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Yudu Salons Welcomes Award Winning Hair Stylist Holly Hunt

Released: July 21, 2016 — Gahanna, OH

Yudu Salons is so excited to announce our necrop_217833_avatar_1422832635west addition, Holly Hunt, to our community of style.  Holly has been working as a professional in the hair industry for 15 years. She’s spent over a decade being an AVEDA hair cutting coach …traveling to get the latest trends and then bringing it back to the salon to teach.  She has traveled all over the midwest, toronto, as well as New York training at Advanced AVEDA.

My craft is my passion, for I could never do anything else! – Holly Hunt

Wait there is more!  In March of 2015, Holly was awarded Hairstylist of the year by RAW: natural born artist.  Check out Holly’s inspirations and some of her customized looks featured on RAW. http://www.rawartists.org/hollyhunthair

You can find and book an appointment with Holly here: http://www.yudusalons.com/salon/holly-hunt/#sthash.BNOoyGvT.dpbs

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